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     I had a large stain in the middle of my sitting room carpet. I had planned on replacing it, but my sister said to call these guys. They have a terrific carpet cleaning service. They came out to the flat yesterday, and it looks great! I will be using them again.
Patricia B.21/05/2020
     The quality of end of tenancy work is something that cannot be easily put into words. I hired them last month and I was not disappointed. I would highly recommend them.
     Even though Carpet Cleaning Company Stanmore are super busy and their cleaners have so many appointments each day you never feel like they are rushing. They always take time to do a job properly which is something I really appreciate.
Wendel Ribbs30/03/2018
     Found a stain on my sofa and tried to scrub it away. Didn't work. Called my mum and asked for advice. She said I should call Carpet Cleaning Company Stanmore. I did and now the stain is gone, in just one quick visit of their cleaners. Now I know who I'll call the next time I come across a stain or spill at home. Thanks a bunch!
Matthew K.31/05/2016
     Imagine getting back home after a tiring day and seeing your house in a mess. I faced this for nearly a year after which I decided to hire a different cleaning agency. I now come home to not only a clean house, but one that smells and feels good too. The floors are cleaned immaculate precision and the lounge looks inviting. I now enjoy spending time with my family in the lounge and gladly invite friends home for dinner. A big thank you to the team of Stanmore Carpet Cleaners.
Amie Thomson08/05/2015
     For me, the real difficulty in getting the house clean came down to the fact that I just didn't have the time to get everything done myself. I'd be trying to fit it in around work and social activities, but I was doing either one of the other to a less than ideal standard. So it was a massive relief when I finally found StanmoreCarpetCleaners. I found their details online and I think that from that moment on, I've been in the right hands. Very, very good company.
Miriam B.07/01/2015
     I am luckily enough to have quite a big house and when my niece asked if she could celebrate her 21st birthday at my home, I couldn't say no. With over 70 guests invited, most of them being youngsters, I was concerned at the mess that they would make. It was a friend who recommended StanmoreCarpetCleaners, the thought hadn't even occurred to me that I could hire someone to clean up after the party. The cleaners turned up promptly as arranged on the Sunday morning and when they had finished, my home was cleaner than it was to begin with.
     StanmoreCarpetCleaners did themselves proud. I don't normally bother with this type of thing but I work nights and I can't do anything when I get in. One of the boys suggested it and I wasn't up for it, but then he told me how much it cost, and I was surprised. I normally don't like anyone in my flat. But I ended up calling this cleaning company and they sent someone around. The fella sorted out my flat, floor, windows, kitchen, and I barely knew he was there. Now I get one of them down at least twice a week. They're a good bunch. I recommend them to anyone. Good price too.
Malique R.23/10/2014
     Carpet cleaning is something that just has to be done if you want your home to look its best. I always do want that but wanting and getting are very different things! I do not have the time to clean and shampoo my carpets so I use StanmoreCarpetCleaners and they do a great job every time. I really rate their work and it costs considerably less than I had imagined it would. I really like the cleaners they send round and I am always impressed at how well they work and the results they manage to get!
Bryce K.09/10/2014
     I recently got a conservatory extension done on the back of my house, and as per Murphy's Law, birds have been defecating on my beautiful glass panels. After days of being unable to reach the window to clean it myself, I thought I'd call in some professional help. That's where StanmoreCarpetCleaners came in. I couldn't wait to see the sparkling results afterwards, and they were so quick it was almost as if they weren't there at all! An amazing team who did an amazing job, and my friends won't stop asking me who did it for me!
Cassie Williams04/09/2014
     I've never had windows as clean as I do now and I couldn't be happier. I used to hire a different window cleaning company and thought that they did a good job, but it wasn't until a friend tried StanmoreCarpetCleaners's window cleaning service that I realised how wrong I'd been! I immediately gave the company a call and hired the service for myself and I can't believe the difference that this company makes. The staff are great and easy to chat to, and the job they do leaves my windows looking stunning. I'll never go back to my old company after such great experienced, time and time again, with this service!
Carol Emerson08/07/2014
     I am very pleased with how well the recent job I hired StanmoreCarpetCleaners for went. The event that we had got pretty messy, as it was raining outside, but that did not deter the cleaning team, and they got it all sorted out, including a massive red wine stain on the carpet! I hope that we will be able to use them again, though in less desperate circumstances than this time round! I recommend this cleaning service to anyone who needs a good job doing for a decent price.
Thomas Parker14/05/2014

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